We are a Denver-based private equity firm focused on creating a better private equity experience for entrepreneurs in the lower-middle market. We combine our personal and innovative approach to partnerships with our CORE Investment Strategy™, all with the common purpose of building better companies and generating outstanding returns.

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People First, Strategy Second

We are committed to building great companies
by seeking opportunities to work with entrepreneurs
who share our CORE VALUES. We add value
through strategic and operational enhancements,
not financial engineering.

We Invest in Relationships

We define “partnership” at the outset and
believe a strong working relationship based
on a common approach to business is the
foundation for success.

CORE Investment Strategy™

Our focused strategy revolves around
COnsumables, COnsolidations, and REcurring Revenue,
greatly improving resource efficiency. We seek
partnerships with companies in our CORE niche
and in industries like Food and Agribusiness,
Specialty Energy, Environmental, Marine and Industrial Services,
and Healthcare Services.