We understand what it takes to develop a successful partnership to build strong businesses and generate outstanding returns. Our unique approach focuses on aligning our core values with the companies we partner with to make them even stronger.


Northern Seed is a distributor of certified seed and provides seed conditioning and
treatment services to growers in the Montana area. In addition, Northern Seed owns Westfeeds, a Montana based manufacturer and distributor of animal feed and nutrition products.


Subsea is a leading provider of underwater repair, maintenance and marine construction solutions for vessels and ports throughout the world.


Founded in 2014, ecoserv was formed by merging Newpark Environmental Services, LLC with Offshore Cleaning Systems, LLC to become a one-of-a kind, integrated, environmental cleaning and waste disposal services provider.

  • Headquarters: Lafayette, LA
  • Industry: Energy and Environmental Services
  • www.ecoserv.net

LaMi Holdings, LLC

LaMi Holdings, LLC, is the leading distributor and merchandiser of non-edible,
general merchandise impulse items to grocery and other retail channels.

LaMi Recapitalization Press Release


Willowood USA

Willowood USA continues to set the pace as one of the fastest growing generic crop protection companies in US agriculture. Willowood USA is a US-based manufacturer of post-patent crop protection herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators for the agriculture, turf and vegetation management industries.

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